Atami is a world-famous hot-spring resort, where resorts have to be an extraordinary and special experience in every way for guests. The special kaiseki-ryori, which enables you to fully appreciate the rich seasonal ingredients of this area endowed with nature, is “special” cuisine provided by Umi no Hana. Not only is every dish cooked by hand, it enables you to experience the dishes through all five senses and to further enjoy the seasonal ingredients, making Umi no Hana “special” in the sense that the cooking method is changed on a monthly basis in accordance with the ingredients of the season. Umi no Hana provides its specialty original kaiseki-ryori daily using fresh ingredients carefully selected by a chef with a deep love for seasonal ingredients and healthy seafood from the seas around Sagami Bay, making original kaiseki-ryori that pleases you not only with expensive ingredients but also with its ingenuity. We also provide heartfelt meals which pay attention to allergies, use tried and tested ingredients, and use cooking methods which are a meal for the eyes as well as the mouth. Get away from your everyday life and spend an extraordinary, special day in Atami.

Hida beef

Experience the taste of Japanese black beef raised in Gifu Prefecture for more than 4 months, with the marbled beef in bright pink featuring a fine and soft texture with fatty parts of a light flavor

Fresh seafood

Fresh seafood, including Japanese lobsters and abalone freshly picked in the area are the choicest ingredients carefully selected by the chefs


A delicious taste nurtured by the blessing of nature and the love of its makers, using a domestic rice brand called Yamagata Koshihikari


The water in Atami, utilizing water from a spring in the Kakita River, uses water that originally fell and melted on the slopes of Mt. Fuji, which then becomes spring water and is welled up 40km away from at National Route 1 in Shimizu Town

Local Shizuoka sake

The region called Shizuoka occupies a certain unique location. While the temperate region of Shizuoka does not have the image of a production area for sake, its ginjo-shu (special brew) using Shizuoka yeast features an aromatic, mild and refreshing taste.

meals will be served in your room

meals will be served in the special dining facility